Medical Journals—The Physician Sourcing Solution Hiding in Plain Sight

Could there be a sourcing solution you are neglecting? What if there was a way to reach and engage qualified candidates that leveraged trusted content and offered multiple touch points?

Physician Study Delivers Data-Driven Insights
Wolters Kluwer, a leading global healthcare publisher, recently surveyed its physician customers and subscribers to determine how and why they consume content, on what devices, and for how long. The survey results reveal the vital role journals play in providing medical information to physicians, offering myriad opportunities to recruiters trying to capture their attention and consideration. These insights illustrate how building an advertising program, leveraging the journals of choice of your target physician, is an often overlooked strategy to drive response and pinpoint your next high-quality candidate. 

Let’s explore why journals just may be the missing weapon in your recruitment arsenal.


Journals Offer Deep Reach and Access


One of your recruitment challenges is getting access to the right pool of potential candidates. Databases and social media platforms can bring the right physician to the surface, but you are typically limited in your reach to only active job seekers. Positioning your compelling career opportunity within a trusted learning environment, within a natural process of research and clinical information-seeking, reveals an additional level of applicants, the passive job seeker.

The Wolters Kluwer survey found that 93% of physicians read medical journals to stay up to date on their practice.


Journals are Top Information Source


Physicians have countless sources of information to keep abreast of clinical developments and news in their specialty. When surveyed about those sources, online/mobile medical journals ranked as the top source, followed by CME activities (often offered by medical journals), with print journals ranking third.

This is compelling data that positions medical journals as a powerful vehicle for engaging passive and active job seekers with your call to action.


Physicians are Multichannel, Too


We seek information in more than one medium, and so do physicians. Online search habits and digital journals have redefined how physicians access clinical research. Physicians spend up to 3 hours every day on desktops and mobile devices performing a variety of tasks—from looking up drug information and managing patients to reading clinical research and reviewing treatment options. Their access point to content is determined by both the task at hand and the rhythm of their day. While 76% of physicians use their desktop/laptop to look up specific information, 36% still do their journal reading in print. These multi-channel habits offer organic and non-disruptive access to these busy professionals in the format or device they prefer for a particular activity. 

Give Journals a Fresh Look
Recruiters have a lot more on their plates than just sourcing. Why not leverage the reach, access, and engagement offered by medical journals? Place your job ads within a trusted learning environment and interested and qualified candidates will find you!


Contact us to develop your multichannel campaign to reach qualified healthcare professionals.

Contact us to develop your multichannel campaign to recruit qualified healthcare professionals.

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