Quality of Life May Make the Difference to Potential Nursing Hires

If you're actively recruiting nurses to fill important positions within your hospital or clinic, you're probably feeling competitive pressure from other companies looking for those same candidates.


An obvious solution would be to offer a higher salary, right? Not necessarily. 


The tactics that may have attracted nurses to jobs in the past — competitive salaries, a sign-on bonus, and tuition reimbursement assistance— won't cut it any longer. 


Beyond salary, nurses are looking for three things to promote quality of life in a new job:

  • Work-life balance
  • A professional support system
  • Resources to ensure a successful career

So, what can you do to fulfill these quality of life needs? Here are a few ways your human resources team can win over nurses: 


Offer flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows nurses to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Whether they're taking time off to care for a sick child or to attend an evening concert, having the freedom and flexibility to take care of personal matters and pursue their interests outside of work will keep them happier during work hours. 


Support their long-term career goals

Because nurses are looking for opportunities to grow professionally, they're seeking jobs that will support and align with their long-term career goals.  Offer cross-training programs for nurses who are interested in transitioning to other areas of care; this will keep them excited and motivated as they grow into new roles. Other nurses will likewise appreciate expanding their skill set. By investing in their careers, you're letting nurses know that they can grow within your organization, rather than having to leave it in order to advance. 


Provide a professional support system

When nurses read a job description, they're not only looking to see what's required of them, but also whether any support will be available to them. Providing a support staff of certified nursing assistants, for example, is therefore a very attractive incentive. You'll be giving nurses the help they need to fulfill their job requirements without being stretched too thin, reducing the risk of burnout while ensuring high-quality patient care.


These quality of life benefits will not only attract qualified nurses to your organization, they'll help ensure that you have satisfied employees who are committed to your organization in the long term. During the interview process, be sure to show you care about your employees' interests and are willing to invest in their long-term satisfaction and success. Better retention of nurses will not only reduce your recruitment costs in the long run, it will ultimately increase the quality of care your organization provides.  


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