Nurse Recruitment

Targeted Multichannel Campaign Proves Ideal Way to Recruit and Hire Specialist

Campaign Goal: A large hospital system needed to recruit a specialty Director of Nursing for one of their facilities.  Read More

Quality of Life May Make the Difference to Potential Nursing Hires

If you're actively recruiting nurses to fill important positions within your hospital or clinic, you're probably feeling competitive pressure from other companies looking for those same candidates.  Read More

A Closer Look at the Nurse Recruitment Landscape

Lately, we’ve been reading (and talking) about the doctor shortage.  Read More

Nurse Recruitment Strategies for an Uncertain Future

In our last post, we talked about the mounting challenges of recruiting nurses amid a burgeoning nursing shortage and a tempestuous climate for healthcare legislation.  Read More

The Nursing Workforce is Changing: Macro Trends in Nursing

“The workforce is changing… We know that just by going into work every day.”  Read More

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