Lifelong Learning in Nursing: Macro Trends in Nursing

More and more nurses are going back to school to earn higher degrees  but why? "Life-long learning keeps nurses up-to-date on the advances in practice and can help them critically think more thoroughly because they have more evidence and information to inform their practice decisions,” explains our Chief Nurse, Anne Dabrow Woods DNP RN CRNP ANP-BC AGACNP-BC FAAN.


According to a 2017 survey by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 85% of nursing schools now have an entry-level baccalaureate programs (BSN), and 13.9% have an entry-level master’s program (MSN). It is increasingly common for employers to look for candidates who obtained a bachelor’s degree, and some restrict their search to only those who completed a master’s program. In fact, nearly half of all survey respondents stated they require new hires to hold a BSN, and 86% strongly prefer candidates who graduated from a bachelor’s program. The Institute of Medicine wants 80% of nurses to hold a bachelor’s degree by 2020, amplifying pressure on nursing students to obtain a BSN and possibly more.

With this new shift toward more education and training, educators are adapting the way to they teach their students. “When we were [originally] taught how to educate students,” Woods says, “we were taught to sit them in a classroom and to lecture to them. That is not reality anymore today. What we’ve seen is a whole flip of the classroom so that the students or nurses…read, learn, and then come together and they discuss how to actually apply the principles that they’ve learned. That’s called the ‘flipped classroom,’ and that is what we are going to be using from now on.” 

To discover more about the flipped classroom and other changes in lifelong learning in nursing, utilize this handy infographic. 


Lifelong Learning

Our Chief Nurse also gave a presentation on the six key trends in nursing. To see Woods’ full Macro Trends in Nursing 2016 presentation, go to the Lippincott NursingCenter YouTube channel


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