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Plastic Surgeons at a Glance


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of Plastic

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Plastic Surgeon Trends2 Top Cosmetic Surgical Procedures • Breast Augmentation• Liposuction• Nose Reshaping• Eyelid Surgery• Facelift
Top Reconstructive Procedures • Tumor Removal• Laceration Repair• Maxillofacial Surgery• Scar Revision• Hand Surgery Top Cosmetic Minimally Invasive Procedures • Botulinum Toxin Type A• Soft Tissue Fillers• Chemical Peel• Laser Hair Removal• Microdermabrasion

New Drug Adoption1

45% Once it is in fairly common use38% After a few others have tried it successfully15% After it becomes standard2% As soon as it is released

New Medical Device Adoption1

44% After a few others have tried it successfully41% Once it is in fairly common use 9%  After it becomes standard6%  As soon as it is released
ASPS 2017
96% see medical device sales reps
85% see pharmaceutical sales reps

Plastic Surgery Journals &
Media Brand Usage

Average Issue Readers
(% of readers likely to read an average issue of the journal)

82% Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 82% Plastic Surgery News 36% Aesthetic Surgery Journal 24% Modern Aesthetics

Average Page Exposure
(likelyhood any reader will be exposed to a page in the journal)

58% Plastic Surgery News 46% Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 24% Aesthetic Surgery Journal 14% Modern Aesthetics

Average Issue eNewsletter Readers
(% of readers likely to see an average deployment of enewsletter)

44% PSN Connection 32% Plastic Surgery Smart Brief 28% Aesthetic Society News 24% ASPS Focus 23% Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery eTOC   Total Universe of Plastic Surgeons = 8,129
Average Website Visits Per Month1
3.8 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
2.2 Plastic Surgery News Extra
1.7 Plastic Surgery News
1.3 Aesthetic Surgery Journal
1.0 Plastic Surgery Practice
ASPS 2017 29
ASPS 2017

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Plastic Surgery News are official journals of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The ASPS portfolio provides the highest reach and page exposure to plastic surgeons, more than any other publication in the market. Contact us to find out how you can reach the ASPS membership.

1 Custom Study of Plastic Surgery Publications among Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Circulation (April 2017)

2 ASPS 2016 National Procedural Statistics. Represents procedures performed by ASPS member surgeons certified by The American Board
of Plastic Surgery® as well as other physicians certified by American Board of Medical Specialties-recognized boards. (2017)

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