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According to the European Union’s 2017 report on physician healthcare personnel, 1.8 million physicians currently are practicing in the 28 EU member countries. It may seem impossible to reach specific physicians across an entire continent, but in fact, many of these physicians—plus nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners across Europe—subscribe to Wolters Kluwer’s worldwide network of more than 300 journal and media brands.


HCPs in Europe rank online journals and open access journals as their top two resources.*


HCPs in Europe read journals that are published in Europe and abroad, with many subscribing to US-based publications. In addition to our 25 journals designed specifically for our European audience, HCPs subscribe to our world-renowned journals, such as Circulation and Neurology. They trust our journals and know they are receiving the most current news and innovative research results from around the world.


Much like their US counterparts, European HCPs are increasingly focusing on more specialized fields. The global reach of our US-based specialty journals ensures we have a journal for European HCPs, regardless of their field of practice. Plus, Wolters Kluwer now publishes specialty journals specifically designed for European HCPs in fields such as gastroenterology, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine.


European HCPs access digital journals on average eight times per month.*


The websites that comprise the Wolters Kluwer network receive more than 37 million global visits each year from HCPs in 150 countries. European HCPs are very active online: The Wolters Kluwer 2017 European HCP Content Consumption survey found that 88% of HCPs in Europe read journal articles in the digital format to stay informed of new research and information.*


European HCPs prefer digital resources to their print counterparts when reading and looking up information. HCPs access digital resources on average 11 times per day, utilizing digital resources to treat patients, read during free time, and discuss cases with colleagues.* It may seem impossible to reach HCPs throughout Europe, but they are connected throughout the work day and spend on average three hours per day accessing digital resources. One surefire way to accomplish your marketing objectives is to target your audience where they consume medical information: alongside esteemed journal content with international audiences.


80% of HCPs in Europe own a smartphone, tablet, and computer, which means they are connected wherever they go.*


Although desktops and laptops remain their favorite gadget for reading journals and searching for information, mobile devices and tablets provide convenient access to journals, databases, and search engines when HCPs do not have access to a computer. HCPs across Europe are appropriating mobile devices and tablets as resources in the exam room: They use their devices to look up drug information and guidelines, maintain and update records, and even to write prescriptions. If you're trying to get your brand in the exam room, mobile devices offer promising opportunities.



As the publisher of the Lippincott journals portfolio, we are a leading provider of clinical content with over 300 journals and media brands across more than 100 specialties, including Neurology, Circulation, European Journal of Anesthesiology and AIDS. Wolters Kluwer is dedicated to helping you engage your target audience, wherever in the world they may be.


Wolters Kluwer can help you reach HCPs across Europe. Contact us to learn about our traditional and custom marketing solutions.


* Wolters Kluwer Health Content Consumption Survey, 2017. n = 440. Statistical significance ±4.60% at 95% confidence level. 

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