Retention and Data: The Two Words that Define Digital Marketing Today

Have you been concentrating on building relationships with healthcare professionals (HCPs) you're already connected with? Have you been using data and consumer insights to create personalized marketing campaigns? If not, you're missing out.


Digital marketing strategies are constantly changing. The focus on customer acquisition has evolved into an emphasis on customer retention, and the data your campaigns collect is your greatest asset. This includes not only online data about HCPs' interactions, but also purchase history and information gleaned from visits with sales reps and sales calls. (It's important to ensure that the data you gather is portable between systems and is not held by a third-party vendor, however.)


Customer relations, not brand power, is now a brand's most valuable asset, according to a study from Markables. The data you gather from HCPs can help you create personalized marketing campaigns that build more effective relationships and increase consumer loyalty. Examine customer behavior and streamline the customer experience to provide more personalized, consistent, and meaningful interactions, which can help increase engagement and, in turn, generate sales.


To stand out among all the businesses competing for consumers' attention, you also need a customer-friendly platform that offers clear value. According to a report in Marketing Week, 62% of customers are prepared to invest more for a simple experience, while 61% would recommend a brand to others if it has a clear value proposition that saves them time. This rings especially true for HCPs, who are limited in their time. Your campaigns should therefore allow HCPs to move rapidly across devices and channels. 


Keep in mind that the depth of the customer's relationship with your brand or product should dictate the level of customization they receive. A physician who has showed interest in your product but is not a user, for example, will need more information than an active user. For this type of HCP, you might include references to medical journals in your advertising to support claims about patient benefits. 


Now, combine this strategy with marketing technologies that allow you to follow and interact with your customer base across platforms. The Internet of Things (IoT) has improved the breadth and quality of customer-specific data available, says Sandy Carter, CEO and founder of Silicon Blitz and a 2016 Forbes Digital Influencer, in an interview with the Internet of Things Institute. "Omnichannel has been a hot topic owing to its focus on a single face to the customer," she says. "The convergence of digital and physical worlds across multiple channels has created opportunities to measure and influence customer behavior beyond traditional purchasing cycles."


Although 75% of physicians and 76% of nurses own three connected devices, these devices do not define them — or their experience with you. Their experience is shaped by who they are as individuals, their behaviors, their likes and dislikes, and their needs. Leverage an omnichannel identity solution to recognize individual HCPs at various touchpoints across websites, apps, emails, and more, and deliver more personalized, strategic, and continuous interactions. Investing in technology that recognizes HCPs across platforms allows you to offer them what they want, when they want it.


The trend of using data and customer insights to provide tailored experiences that increase customer retention will surely continue to evolve with the introduction of new technologies. So be proactive and make sure your platform is scalable and flexible enough to incorporate various types of data. Keep the focus on quality data by moving away from cookie-based solutions and more rigid systems. 


Bottom line: By using the behavioral data you gather to reach HCPs across various channels and tailor your ads to their needs, you gain a competitive advantage. You may have to invest more time and money into creating personalized campaigns, but the ROI is tangible: more effective campaigns, more brand-loyal customers, and more sales. 


Over to you — how do you plan to use identity-based marketing, data, and customer insights to shape your digital advertising strategy?


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