If You Don’t Have a Marketing Strategy for Europe, You Should

Europe beckons. Accounting for close to one-fourth of worldwide pharmaceutical sales,1 Europe, including the United Kingdom, represents a key target for your global pharma and medical device marketing plan. Recent projections indicate that the European pharma market will grow by nearly 20% from 2015 to 2022.2


Right now, the market is in flux as Britain leaves the European Union. Regulatory matters and trade agreements remain to be worked out, and pharma companies are positioning themselves for a post-"Brexit" world. Meanwhile, marketers need effective strategies to reach and engage with healthcare providers across Europe. Here are five quick tips for shaping a smart strategy to reach European prescribers in changing times.


1. Prepare for Growth in a Turbulent Time

Even before the "Brexit" vote, change was stirring in the European pharma market. The Evaluate forecast predicts that pharma growth will exceed overall growth in the European economy over the next several years—highlighting the need for innovative strategies to deliver new therapies while meeting shifting population health needs. Marketers have the opportunity and responsibility to engage with prescribers, build awareness, and provide information about the mechanisms and benefits of effective treatments.


2. Engage Across Digital Devices — the New Standard

European HCPs have gone digital in a big way. In Wolters Kluwer's 2017 Content Consumption survey, HCPs said they spend on average three hours accessing digital resources per work day.3 Desktop/laptop computers are still number one for activities like reading articles and looking up information, but many HCPs are turning to mobile devices for these same activities. A tailored multichannel presence is essential—whenever and wherever prescribers are engaging with new information that affects their practice.


3. Plug into the Explosion of New Clinical Information

HCPs in Europe are using medical journals' digital versions to learn about developments in new clinical trials. Unsurprisingly, 94% of European prescribers read journals, and 88% of HCPs read journals in the digital format to stay current on research.3 Smartphones are enabling HCPs to connect with clinical content throughout the day, too, so it's no surprise that 41% of HCPs read journal articles on a smartphone.3


4. Precisely Target HCPs Who Will Prescribe Your Product

Today's marketing tools let you tailor your outreach by educating and involving local stakeholders—across specialties and across borders. Options like geotargeted ads and emails allow you to tailor your digital message by country and region. You can deploy your valuable assets—pivotal clinical trials, mechanism of action videos, and more—directly to prescribers.


5. Deliver the Data When and Where They're Ready to Learn

Information-seeking leads to action. Digital journal advertising is especially powerful in conjunction with tools like contextual links. Connect with the information sources prescribers trust and value—via the channel that best suits their needs—as they're seeking the evidence they need to deliver high-value care and good patient outcomes. Product links and supporting assets allow precise targeting by country and specialty; detailed metrics provide high-value feedback on how your strategy is working.


Wolters Kluwer engages European HCPs through specialty journals known around the world. Contact us to learn more about our strategies for reaching HCPS worldwide.


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