Healthcare Marketing Industry Trends

Much More Than Clicks: How Healthcare Marketers Measure Engagement

They say in digital marketing, measurement is everything.  Read More

Why Today’s Healthcare Workers Love Podcasts

Podcasts appeal to everyone, from a four-year-old enjoying a bedtime story to a neurologist listening to Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz discuss the latest advances in minimally invasive brain tumor surgery.  Read More

5 Medical Device Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Brand Recognition

The medical device market is saturated with numerous brands, and it is your job to stand out amongst them.  Read More

Five Trends That Are Driving Medical Device Marketing Today

It is an exiting time to market in the medical device industry with new technologies, improved wireless capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) to name a few.  Read More

Medical Device Outlook for 2020 and Beyond

Technological advances are revolutionizing the medical device industry, not only increasing the number of connected medical devices available to market but strengthening their role in healthcare.  Read More

Selling Pharmaceutical Across Europe: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In 2000, the total European pharmaceutical market value was about €90 billion ($102 billion); by 2017 it had risen to around €207 billion ($235 billion), according to figures from EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations).  Read More

Get Your Message Across Efficiently Through Video Advertising

As a healthcare marketer, you face several challenges when trying to create an effective messaging campaign.  Read More

Supporting the Patient Experience - Why Multicultural Marketing is Vital

While the U.S. market continues to become more ethnically diverse, healthcare organizations face both challenges and opportunities to expand their customer base.  Read More

Communicating Value in an Era of Price Sensitivity

The healthcare industry is evolving from efficacy-based care to efficient care, especially as payers’ influence in determining which drugs, devices, and treatments patients can receive grows.  Read More

Five Reasons to Implement Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing Campaign Right Now

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Our minds jump to extreme examples, like Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the rise of AI started with robotics and search engines.  Read More

The State of Healthcare Marketing  

The newest Kantar Media Sources & Interactions data just was released, and journals are still king of content: A whopping 97% of physicians reported that they read the current issue of medical journals.  Read More

Top Content Marketing Trends

As healthcare marketers, our industry is facing changes and encountering a lot of unknowns including price pressures in pharma, dealing with the uncertainties of Brexit, and stressing over cybersecurity for medical devices, just to name a few.  Read More

Adapting to a Value-Based Model

We have all seen the shift from volume-based to value-based selling in this ever-changing healthcare industry.  Read More

Ideas for Incorporating Interactive Content into Your Marketing Strategy

Internet users send 2.5 million email messages every second and churn out 2 million blog posts every day — yet a coup d’état is underway in the content marketing world.  Read More

Retention and Data: The Two Words that Define Digital Marketing Today

Have you been concentrating on building relationships with healthcare professionals you're already connected with?  Read More

Tech Is Revolutionizing the Exam Room Experience

Innovations in healthcare technology are changing the way healthcare professionals consume information, treat patients, and communicate with other medical institutions like hospitals and pharmacies.  Read More

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