Repurposing and Distributing Symposium Content Leads to Increased Engagement

Campaign Goal
A client had presented at a satellite symposium and wanted to expand their reach to increase the visibility of the materials discussed to those that were unable to attend.



Understanding the client’s needs, Lippincott Audience Solutions Experts:

  • Identified their ideal target audience amongst global healthcare professionals
  • Deployed two months of targeted banners and interstitials across the Lippincott network and specialty journal sites
  • Developed an enduring publication from the client’s original presentation deck
  • Selected the most effective marketing channels
  • Distributed the supplements with the association’s news magazine
  • Promoted with content alerts and an eblast

Success Story

The result was a 27% increase in exposure to those who could have consumed the content in person.


With a quick turnaround, streamline process, access to targeted HCPs globally, and menu of virtual solutions, we are your partner to deliver your marketing messages so you can reach you benchmarks. Contact us to learn about various options to fit your specific needs.


* Assumes 250 show attendees saw the presentation live, actual number likely lower, resulting in a higher percent increase

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