Optimize Your HCP Email Campaigns with These Simple Strategies

Have you been disappointed in the results of your email campaigns marketed to healthcare professionals (HCPs)? A few simple strategy tweaks may be all you need to increase your response rates. Here are five tips to help you optimize your email campaigns and increase ROI.


1. Keep your email lists up to date.

Who's on your email lists? Are they people who signed up at a trade show or filled out a form on your website? Did they opt in on another digital marketing platform?  Or did you buy the list? Considering the growing rate of physician and nurse turnover, it's crucial that you regularly review your lists to make sure the information is accurate. If you're using a list that's out of date, you're simply throwing your marketing money away.


2. Timing is everything, so invest in email automation technology.

An email campaign seems simple enough: you send out a message when you want HCPs to act, for example by requesting an appointment with a medical device sales representative, prescribing a drug, or registering for a webinar. But when you send the email is just as important as what you're saying in the message. Invest in software that schedules email sends based on a user's behavioral profile to ensure that HCPs receive your message when they're most likely to act.


3. Create personalized content.

Your email recipients have diverse needs, wants, and concerns.  Physicians, for example, are looking to offer the best patient care, while purchasing directors are looking for cost-effective treatments. And physicians of different specialties may have even more specific needs. So, don't send a one-size-fits-all message to your recipients — the most successful email campaigns offer personalized content that speaks directly to the recipients and offers to solve their specific needs.


4. Strengthen your call to action.

You've dissected your email list, created personalized content for different audience segments, and timed your sends correctly, but you're still not getting the response rates you want. It's time to examine your call to action (CTA) — the hook that compels readers to click through. A CTA should be obvious, intriguing, and have a sense of urgency.  Remember that HCPs are limited in time, so keep your CTA short, simple, and don't offer more than one. Try A/B testing to see which CTAs have the highest click-through rates. 


5. Optimize your campaigns for mobile.

85% of physicians use their smartphones to open emails associated with their practice or specialty*, yet marketers all too often forget to optimize their email campaigns for mobile. Imagine losing half your audience right off the bat because they can't read your email! If you're using third-party vendors to handle your campaigns, make sure they're using templates that can be read on mobile devices, or else your reach will be limited no matter how much time you invest in optimizing your campaigns.


Let us know how your campaigns are performing!


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*Source: Kantar Sources & Interactions 2019 Med/Surg

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