How to Leverage LinkedIn to Engage with Your Target Specialist

LinkedIn is a dynamic social media platform, with 4.4 million healthcare professionals as members.  You cannot ignore the audience size, especially when you can target specific groups related to their specialty.  LinkedIn reaches more than 40 percent of physicians and surgeons in a variety of specialty areas.  It is a platform where physicians value the opinions of their connections and are keen on reading its content.  LinkedIn is a great way to get in front of physicians in a less self-promotional, and natural environment.


Here are 6 tips on how to market to physicians using LinkedIn: 


1.  Join groups – There are hundreds of groups associated with the healthcare industry on LinkedIn.  Joining and actively participating in groups where your target physician is a member is a great way to connect with him or her.  These groups allow you to be viewed as a peer rather than a vendor offering a hard sell.  Start with identifying groups specific to your healthcare specialty and where physicians you target are members.  Then actively post industry news and respond to other posts so you and your company can gain authority.  You can be viewed as an expert in your field while your company enhances its brand recognition.  


2. Become a trusted thought leader - Fifty-two percent of physicians are interested in interacting with pharma companies through social media, yet 75% of them do not trust the information they receive according to a study by Deloitte.  This presents an opportunity for marketers to gain their trust by engaging in influencer posts.  Influencer posts are written by the marketer’s perspective, not the brand, which give a more personalized human aspect.  Respond to discussions and start up conversations with other group members about your offerings and the impact they have on offering better patient care.  You will be able to build credibility and trust for your brand by telling stories from different viewpoints.   


3.  Gather recommendations and reviews – One of the best uses of LinkedIn is gathering recommendations and reviews that can be seen by other physicians.  There is greater trust and believability in what your peers say about your company rather than your advertising message on how great you are.  A survey of B2B marketers on LinkedIn revealed that customer testimonials and case studies were two of the most effective marketing strategies.  Reach out and ask physicians to post reviews to increase your credibility and gain new leads. 


4. Create a Showcase page – A showcase page allows for better targeting physicians in certain areas of practice since they can subscribe and follow these specific pages to received updates on the news that they want.  This is very beneficial for healthcare companies that have numerous brands, products and services.  To grow your following, you can also use “follow” ads to increase your audience and include links to your targeted page on all your relevant content.  


5.  Use sponsored content – Getting the attention of physicians is challenging enough, especially on LinkedIn with crowded news feeds.  By allocating some marketing funds to sponsored content on LinkedIn, you are able to reach a targeted group of physicians and position a tailored marketing message in front of them.  You can narrow your target based on industry, company, location, and position, which is much more specific compared to other social media platforms.  Sponsoring content ensures more of your followers notice you while gaining exposure from those who are not familiar with you. This is also a proven method to grow your following.


6.  Gather marketing data – Who would have thought that LinkedIn would also be a place to conduct research about physicians’ areas of interest, new technologies, opinions about specific products and more?  This data provides valuable insight to help shape your marketing messages and strategies.  Data gathered can also be used for reputation management allowing you’re a level of control over how you are being represented, as well as respond to any specific concerns or misinformation about your products.  


LinkedIn is a valuable tool to gain access to physicians on a platform where you can be seen as a peer fosters higher engagement and relationship building.  After reading all the ways to use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, are you currently using any of these tactics to engage with physicians? 


Contact us to learn more about how Wolters Kluwer can help you market to healthcare professionals across our Lippincott content network, including print and online advertising, email and custom projects.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you market to healthcare professionals across our Lippincott content network.

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