5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Conference Issue Advertising

Reaching physicians, nurses, researchers, educators, and industry leaders is always a challenge, whether you're in pharma or medical devices. One of the easiest ways to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) is through journals: They consider journals to be one of the most important sources of information on new medical developments.*


So, it should come as no surprise that journals are distributed at important society and organizational meetings throughout the year. This makes advertising in these special edition journals a unique opportunity to share your message with HCPs who have opted into attending the meeting and are in the mindset to be educated.


Here are five reasons why advertising in meeting issues will get your ad noticed and increase ROI:

  1. You'll reach more HCPs. When you advertise in these issues, you not only reach HCPs who are part of the publication's regular distribution, but also meeting attendees who may not be regular subscribers, such as clinicians in adjacent specialties, primary care, or research, as well as residents, fellows, and students.
  2. You'll get your ad in front of industry leaders. Meetings are typically attended by the biggest and brightest names in that industry, including thought leaders, influencers, top-level executives, leading physicians, and more. After all, physicians attend on average 1.67 out-of-town meetings, conferences, or events each year.**
  3. Your ad will have a longer shelf life. Meeting issues typically contain news and research of an especially high caliber, written by leaders in the field. As a result, HCPs are more likely to hold on to these issues and revisit them later — meaning they'll see your ad repeatedly over time.
  4. Your audience is primed to learn. Did you that know 72% of physicians attend exhibit halls to learn about new products and procedures?** Meeting attendees are there to absorb the latest research in their field and discover innovative solutions that will help them provide the best patient care, so they'll be more open to learning about your product as it sits next to the latest clinical trial data.
  5. Your ads will be shared. Due to the high quality of the content, HCPs are more likely to share meeting issues with their colleagues and peers, allowing your ad to reach even those who do not subscribe to the journal or didn't attend the meeting.

Let advertising in meeting issues complement your current advertising strategy. By advertising in a meeting issue specific to your industry, you'll reach leading HCPs who are primed to learn about your product and who are more likely to archive and share the content with their peers, ensuring that your ad will be seen time and time again.


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* Wolters Kluwer Content Consumption Survey, October 2019
**©Kantar Media: Sources & Interactions: 2019 Medical/Surgical Edition

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