HCP Marketing Tips

How to Pivot Your Marketing to Healthcare Professionals During the Covid-19 Crisis

With much of the country and the world on lockdown, remaining relevant with physicians and nurses is more difficult than ever.  Read More

Repurposing and Distributing Symposium Content Leads to Increased Engagement

A client had presented at a satellite symposium and wanted to expand their reach to increase the visibility of the materials discussed to those that were unable to attend.  Read More

Interactive Infographics: The Key to Information Retention

Pharma marketers face many different challenges when trying to capture the attentions of busy healthcare professionals (HCPs).  Read More

Three Ways to use Videos as Part of your Marketing Strategy

The healthcare industry is complicated by nature, made up of sophisticated devices and pharma products that need in-depth explanation of usage, features, and patient care.  Read More

Is Your Healthcare Email Marketing Program Performing Optimally?

Email is the proven workhorse among all the possible digital marketing tactics, but how can you be sure it’s pulling all its weight?  Read More

It’s Time to Embrace Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to change the face of digital marketing.  Read More

Time for a Content Marketing Check-up?

Are you keeping pace with content marketing trends?  Read More

5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Webinar Registrations

Webinars can be a fantastic way to reach potential clients.  Read More

The Pharma Marketer’s Guide to Display Ads

Pharma marketers face a unique set of challenges when marketing online, most notably the FDA guidelines requiring “fair balance.”  Read More

Audience Targeting: A Primer

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” John Wanamaker famously said — and that was true.  Read More

What Successful Audience Segmentation Looks Like

Audience segmentation is not just a way to describe the practice of dividing your audience into subgroups based on certain shared attributes, such as location or online activity—it is the best way to gain deep insights into your customers’ behavior.  Read More

Healthcare Marketing Analytics 101

How many times have you heard the phrase “data-driven analytics” tossed around in seemingly disparate contexts?  Read More

Leverage the Power and Versatility of Reprints

In the presence of disappearing face-to-face meetings, digital disruptions are a welcome relief for pharma marketers.  Read More

Solving the Impact Puzzle

Measuring the impact of research articles and other publications is one of the most vexing challenges that the medical affairs community faces.  Read More

Audience Segmentation: The 4 Things Every Healthcare Marketer Needs to Know

A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your product or device won't resonate with your customers — and can wreak havoc on ROI.  Read More

The Role of e-Detailing in Your Pharma Marketing Strategy

With field sales force access to physicians becoming more narrow, pharma marketers are on the lookout for more efficient ways to connect with physicians and deliver impactful, value-added messages.  Read More

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Engage with Your Target Specialist

LinkedIn is a dynamic social media platform, with 4.4 million healthcare professionals as members.  Read More

Is It Time to Give Twitter a Fresh Look?

If you aren’t using Twitter as part of your healthcare marketing social media strategy, you may want to reconsider.  Read More

How to Drive HCP Attendance to Your Webinar

Many marketers consider webinars to be one of the most effective marketing tools, but only 66% of business-to-business marketers use them to promote their brand.  Read More

5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Conference Issue Advertising

Reaching physicians, nurses, researchers, educators, and industry leaders is always a challenge, whether you're in pharma or medical devices.  Read More

Is Your CTA DOA?

We’ve all seen the display ads popping up on social media feeds or informational sites competing to get our attention.  Read More

How to Speak to Physicians with Highly Personalized Content

Getting the attention of physicians is a challenge because of their busy schedules.  Read More

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