Patient Education and Point-of-Care Programs

Integrate your brand into the patient’s exam room experience, and place your brand alongside the information patients take home to their loved ones.


Bundle your brand with the educational content healthcare professionals use to educate their patients about certain diseases and medical conditions. Patients trust HCPs will provide the best care and educate them about their disease state with simple but informative materials they can take home. With an array of customizable content, we can meet a variety of marketing needs.


  • Brand, customize, or digitize anatomical charts and images from our industry-leading Anatomical Chart Company. Select from thousands of charts and images that engage and educate patients at the point of care.
  • Add your brand to tear pads, wall charts, and other patient education materials so you can be the brand patients see when they walk into the exam room.

Reach patients with custom branded content tailored to your marketing needs. Contact us to create a custom detailing aid.  

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