Interactive Infographics

Create interactive infographics designed to help HCPs present clinical information to patients. Infographics tell a story and allow patients to filter through information easily, grasp the meaning of unfamiliar terms, and revisit the content digitally as needed.


Program Description

  • Turnkey approach – you provide content (and merge with ours if needed), we script, storyboard and build.
  • Infographic can live wherever it best reaches your target audience – be that within established Lippincott content, on a microsite, etc.


  • Increase user engagement – effectively communicate complex data by guiding users along a visual interactive journey which can generate a 70% conversion rate.
  • Increase message persuasion and ad recall – visualization is extremely important in increasing persuasion and interactive messaging greatly improves ad recall. 
  • Cut through the clutter – push your messaging to be seen above static messages.

Curious about what interactive infographics can do to help educate patients?  Contact us to start building your interactive infographic.

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