Videos On-Demand

Videos are a uniquely valuable tool to promote educational information about your product, device, practice, program or hospital. In fact, 61% of HCPs watch promotional videos to stay up to date on their practice*. Make the most of your content marketing investment by placing it where healthcare professionals where they spend the most time - interacting with journal content they rely on to stay current and provide the best possible care.


By hosting your video with us, we’ll place it across the relevant journal(s) video gallery and in a featured video widget across the site(s) for maximum impact.


Repurpose your existing approved videos to:

  • Align your content where healthcare professionals spend their time
  • Leverage short-form education preferences to deliver messaging in pace and in context
  • Explain more complex subject matter easier through visualization of concepts, practices, etc.

Contact us for more information on how we can host your video.


*KANTAR Sources and Interactions Medical/Surgical Study 2018

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